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Track Your Direct Equities on SimpleMoney

Until yesterday, only Direct Equities investors with Mutual Funds could track their Stocks on SimpleMoney. We have since upgraded our technology and made it possible for non-mutual fund investors to use SimpleMoney to track just their Equities.

If you are one of those daring direct investors who don't need no mutual fund to manage your assets, we applaud you, and we invite you to use SimpleMoney.


With zero manual uploading and consolidation, SimpleMoney automatically tracks all your equity investments by using Artificial Intelligence to scan your investment-related emails. If you have stocks across multiple brokerage houses and investment platforms, SimpleMoney will help you consolidate your entire portfolio so that you know exactly how much you have, and so that you can make good investment decisions with that information.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback for new features, please feel free to write to us [email protected].

Track your mutual funds and equities automatically at SimpleMoney.