It's new feature day - featuring one day performance!

It has been a while, but we are finally celebrating new feature day at SimpleMoney! We've re-built the returns page from scratch, and made a number of smaller changes.

Here is the new shiny stuff that we've added in the last couple of weeks:

One Day, One Week and One Month performance

This was our most frequently requested feature! SimpleMoney's Returns page now shows your portfolio's performance for the last one day, last one week, and the last one month. This is in addition to the returns for the last six months, last one year, and last two years.

Returns in Rupees ₹

XIRR is not the right number to judge short-term performance. Since XIRR is an annualized metric, it is ver sensitive to changes in the short term. For instance, an absolute change of just 1% in a day equates to an XIRR of 36%.

To fix this, the Returns page now shows your portfolio's performance in actual rupees, in addition to the XIRR.

Performance by investment type

The Returns page always showed you the performance of your portfolio by asset class. But now you can see your portfolio's performance according to sub-categories within the asset class as well. So you can see the performance of your large-cap funds separately from your mid cap funds, and so on.

More market benchmarks

Along with separating out the investment sub-categories, we've expanded expanded our performance comparison algorithm, CorrectCompare, to other market benchmarks.

Earlier, your entire portfolio was blindly compared with the BSE Sensex. Now, different sub-categories of funds are compared with their appropriate market index; so your small-cap portfolio is compared with the BSE Small Cap Index, your mid-cap portfolio with the BSE Mid Cap Index, and so on.

We've also added comparisons for individual funds to their respective market indices.

Smaller tweaks

We've added more information for individual transactions, so you can see the number of units transacted, as well as the NAV at which the transaction took place.

Additionally, dividends paid to your bank account from dividend payout funds have been separated from realized gains.

Furthermore, you can now filter the "All Funds" table by regular and direct funds.

Lastly, we've made the advisor sharing process more seamless, so that both you and your advisor get a confirmation email when you share your portfolio. You can easily & immediately revoke your advisors' access to your account as well, without having to contact support.

In closing:

Feature requests from users is our biggest source of inspiration! So if there's anything new that you'd like to see, you can always email [email protected], and we'll get started on it as soon as we can.

If there are any bugs that need to be exterminated, the ID is still [email protected], and we'll fix it in a few hours.

And if you just can't sleep, we're usually too excited to sleep ourselves, so email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=I%20can%27t%20sleep%20%3A(&body=Hello%20SimpleMoney%20support%20team%2C%0A%0AInsonmia%20is%20difficult.%20Know%20any%20good%20bedtime%20stories%3F) for some philosophical conversation about bedtime stories.

Finally, if you haven't signed up for SimpleMoney yet - it takes ten seconds to track your entire portfolio, and it makes you a better person on the inside. Sign up now!

Pranshu Maheshwari

Pranshu Maheshwari

Finance and stat nerd, Wharton alum, used to have a great handlebar moustache. And I started SimpleMoney!

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