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We've improved Subfolios (and more!)

While Ballarpur Industries has been getting a downgrade, SimpleMoney's subfolios have been getting an upgrade. We had received several requests to add features to the subfolios section of SimpleMoney, and spent this week improving it.

We found that the subfolios section had three major uses:

  • Tracking Goals
  • Tracking returns of sections of the portfolio
  • Tracking funds according to the holder of the fund

To help with these three use cases, here are the new features:

Cost of investment

The subfolios page now show you the cost of your investment for all the funds allocated. It also shows you the realized and unrealized gains.

XIRR by subfolio

The page also calculates the XIRR for the funds allocated to a subfolio. The XIRR calculated is the true XIRR, using the individual cashflows of each fund. It is not the average or the weighted average of the component XIRRs! Taking averages is the wrong way to measure the XIRR of a folio (and the fallacies of doing so is another blog post topic by itself).

Autogenerated subfolios

Subfolios are automatically generated according to the PAN numbers picked up for your investments. So if you receive statements for multiple people in your inbox, this can help you separate out their investments.

Other small changes:

  • The "All Funds" page now has a small calculator in the top row of the table, which shows you the totals for all the funds you have currently selected.
  • The customer support form now works again. :) Sorry it didn't last time around. We are clearly not sleeping enough.
  • Speed improvements to the site, especially on mobile.

If you're new to this blog, and haven't already, sign up on SimpleMoney to track your mutual fund portfolio automatically!

Pranshu Maheshwari

Pranshu Maheshwari

Finance and stat nerd, Wharton alum, used to have a great handlebar moustache. And I started SimpleMoney!

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